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A Heartfelt Desire

I want to plant seeds along the paths where I go. To watch buds blossom in front of my eyes. To build bridges for everyone to cross. To tear down walls so there is no division.  To paint the sky with stars to light the ways.  To be the renewer of hope when discouragement abounds.…

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A Choice of Ways

In this life, there are only two paths to be pursued: the one everybody else chases and the one our imagination leads us to follow. The former may be safer and more reliable. Perhaps the least critical. And where you will find more friends. But that would merely be another one of the many walks you…

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Benevolent Ataraxia

It is possible to argue that all kinds of happiness fit into one of two categories: 1) that which evidences itself tangibly, meaning the physical, and 2) the abstraction of the subconscious confines, or the mental. Between these two, our physical condition seems to play a secondary role. Most of us agree that as long…

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Lessons from a Mayfly

If we put ourselves into a mayfly’s shoes, our life would basically be a fast succession of events from start to finish. We’d have to be born, grow and develop, produce offspring and die within a time frame that, besides being incredibly brief, makes us ponder upon the question: Why even bother existing?
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About Me

Hi! I’m Ari, a writer who likes to recount her life experiences through meaningful stories.
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Unmasking Talent

Setting randomness aside, there are two ways to achieve success: by being talented or through hard work. Talent refers to any exceptional natural ability that, in general, is related to a specific activity. Oftentimes it is claimed that this is obtained without training; that is to say, it is innate. It is for this reason… Continue reading Unmasking Talent


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